Handmade Paper Valentines


Many years ago, I took a course through the Edmonton Weavers’ Guild on paper-making. The link between weaving and paper-making may not be obvious but they are both made of fibre and involve creativity. I still have a large supply of paper that was made that day because as it is very porous, it is difficult to write on so really only has craft potential. I have mainly used it in card making.

I am glad I had the opportunity to try out making paper in a studio because unless you have a blender you don’t mind wrecking, sinks you don’t mind clogging, and lots of space, it is not a great activity to do at home. As well, the brightly coloured pages were made from pulp that was dyed with Procion dye which should always be used with caution.

As there is no point in keeping a stash of paper unless you are planning on using it, I decided to make some valentines. The designs of these ones were inspired by a delightful little book called I Love Stationery by Charlotte Rivers, featuring beautifully made stationery from all over the world. One great thing about handmade paper is that it is sturdy enough to hold up to sewing so I incorporated stitching in three of them. I hesitated in posting this blog before Valentine’s Day because some of my dear readers will be the lucky recipients of them but they won’t know which one is meant for them until February 14 so there will still be some surprise.


If these Valentines were people, they would be chubby cupids showering their love on the beloved recipients.

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