Margret puts brush to canvas

I decided to go off topic again this week and share a project I worked on over the Easter weekend called Margret puts brush to canvas.

A little over a year ago I attended my first Paint Nite. For those who are unfamiliar with Paint Nite, it is a commercial venture to sell drinks and get people who do not think they are creative to paint. A bar hosts the event and a Paint Nite instructor leads the group step by step through painting the same picture.


I wasn’t crazy about the picture we painted that night (First Snow) and have been thinking about starting fresh with something of my own. I have played around with acrylic paints but have never had any formal instruction. I knew I wanted to create some sort of impressionist landscape but wasn’t sure exactly what.

Then one day I was inspired by a painting a saw in a display of student work in a University of Alberta Faculty of Extension exhibition. I liked that it had a lot of texture to it but wasn’t really sure how they got that effect. Usually when I try to paint with acrylics, my pictures seem kind of flat. Then I was reading an interview with artist Carole Malcolm in The Artist’s Magazine where she said she prepares her canvas with watered down modeling paste instead of gesso to get a “chunkier texture”. I just happened to have some modeling paste from a Golden Acrylics demo so I gave it a try as a base over my Paint Nite picture.

I meant to take lots of pictures as I went along but once I got going I forgot so just have one intermediate picture.






I am still not sure if I am finished this but as it is sitting in the crafts room I’ll have lots of opportunity to consider what it still needs as I work on other projects.