Wooden Paper Memo Pad


A friend at work (thanks Neil!) gave me a wonderful memo pad from Lee Valley Tools made of paper thin sheets of wood. I had never seen anything like this before but apparently it is an old Japanese craft called Kyougi. (It seems like Japan produces some of the nicest stationery products.)

If raw, unprocessed food is considered good, how about unprocessed paper? Instead of breaking down wood into wood pulp to be made into paper, this paper is made by shaving a block of wood into thin sheets. The result is absolutely beautiful paper that looks and smells just like what it is, wood. It is hard to imagine that originally this lovely paper was just used to wrap food.

I love how the production of this paper not only keeps a traditional craft alive but also is part of sustainable forest management as the paper is made from trees thinned from managed forests.

I see this paper as having great craft potential, especially if you wanted to make a card with a woodsy feel. However it is very brittle and tends to tear along fold lines. This may be exacerbated by our dry climate.

So what does it feel like to write on wood? Except for the fountain pen, which feathered quite a lot, it was surprisingly easy to write on with very little bleed through to the other side.

If this paper were a person it would definitely be a true nature lover wearing a plaid shirt and hiking boots with the lovely faint smell of fresh cut wood that this paper actually has.


Coming up next week:  Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen