G. Lalo Verge de France Paper


Lalo Verge de France paper is about as far from bargain ballpoints and ReUse Centre finds as possible. This lovely paper is intended for handwritten correspondence. It comes in different shades but mine has a soft rosy tint to it with subtle raised horizontal lines which give it a slight texture. I’ve found it works well with any type of pen, even fountain pens, with no feathering or bleed through.


The name comes from the founder, Georges Lalo, “Verge” refers to the lines on the paper, and of course, it is from France. In fact, the company is still based in Paris. They have a charming motto, “c’est savoir se faire plaisir, mais surtout faire plaisir à l’autre, qui vous en sera très reconnaissant”.

My paper is a A4 tablet. The size of this pad of paper follows the A-series paper sizes which is defined by an official International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard. A-series is used pretty much everywhere in the world except for the United States and those countries nearest them like Canada, Mexico and Dominican Republic. The letter size we commonly use here has archaic roots from when paper was made by hand, while the while the A-series is defined by a mathematical formula (sort of like imperial versus metric system).

I had been thinking that if this paper were a person, it would be a sophisticated French woman but then I saw a picture of Georges Lalo himself and that kind of ruined it for me. Still, I can’t bear to think of my beautiful paper as a pudgy, superciliousold white guy so I will still think of my paper as someone who loves quality, not just for its own sake but, for the joy it brings to others.

Coming next week: wax seals.