Pilot FriXion Erasable pen


I discovered this pen in the supply cupboard at work and wondered what it meant by erasable.  As a kid, I had an eraser that was half pink and half blue. The pink end was to erase pencil and the blue half was supposed to erase pen. What really happened is that you basically sanded the ink off the page, leaving behind at best a smudge mark but usually a hole in your paper. We have come so far with the Pilot FriXion erasable pen.

This pen has an ink that is chemically formulated to “disappear” through the heat created by friction when you are rubbing with the rubbery nub on the end. The theory is great but in practice you can still faintly see the writing after erasing. Still, the result looks better than crossing out or covering up with wite-out. DSCF1759

I had to try a little experiment to see if the reverse was also true. If the ink disappears through the heat caused by friction, would it reappear if it was frozen? I put my notebook in the freezer and it seemed that the writing started to show up again, but only slightly.

Style-wise this pen looks great. I don’t know why more pen manufacturers don’t add a bit of design to their pens. As for writing with, it has a nice light feel with a soft grip section to hold. The ink is more of a very dark grey than a true black and writes smoothly with no bleed through to the reverse of the page. However, Pilot does not recommend writing on the back of page when using these pens, because the heat may transfer to the other side, causing unwanted erasing. That didn’t happen for me.

If this pen was a person, he would be charming but a bit mysterious with a stylized tattoo on his arm and wearing a snug tee shirt.

Coming next week:  Handmade Paper Valentines