Hahnemuhle Watercolour Postcards

As I mentioned in my travelling stationery supplies post, I took with me on holidays the Hahnemuhle Watercolor Postcards I received in my prize pack from Life Imitates Doodles. I decorated three postcards while I was away and they all made it safely through the mail.

The Hahnemuhle postcards are made of good quality, slightly rough surfaced watercolor paper about the weight of cardstock. Printed on the back is a dividing line with a lined space on one side. I used the lined side for the address but you could used it for the message if you preferred. The thirty cards came in a nice metal tin but I only took a few with me rather than the whole box.

I made three different designs using my Sakura Koi Water Color Field Sketch Kit (24 colour size). For the first one, I tried to paint the landscape as we went by on the ferry but I’m too slow at painting so it doesn’t really represent any particular spot along the way.

I went for something more abstract for the second. It amazes me how trees can grow in such rocky ground. I was reminded of the Arrogant Worms song, Rocks and Trees. After painting, I used a Sharpie to outline the shapes and draw the border.

For my third postcard, I painted leaves and pressed them on the paper to make leaf prints. I forgot to take a picture of the finished postcard at the campground so here are a couple of what it looked like after it had been through the mail. They are sturdy enough to hold up to Canada Post handling and one made it through the US postal system too.

Thanks to Elisabet Ingibergsson for the after mailing images.

If these postcards were people they would be creative travelers who still like to use the mail.

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