Travelling Stationery Supplies

I am off on holidays this week and plan on taking a little break from blogging. Summer is just too short a season to spend too much of it in front of the computer. Instead will be traveling a bit (first destination Haida Gwaii), volunteering for festivals, and just relaxing on the patio.

As usual, I am taking some stationery and art supplies with me on the road. I will be packing my daily journal (currently the Stalogy Editor’s Series 365 Days Notebook) held shut with my Papelote elastic closure. I don’t usually travel with fountain pens because I don’t want to bring along ink but the Zebra Zensations are so nicely contained I won’t have to worry about leakage or refilling so I’ll pick a couple to bring. I also like to keep a little notebook in my purse to jot things down that I want to remember when I’m writing in my journal at the end of the day.

Hahnemühle Watercolour Postcards and Nostalgie Sketch Book

I have two more items from my Life Imitates Doodles prize pack, the Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketch Book and Hahnemühle Watercolour Postcards I want to experiment with over the summer. However, I still have one page left in my Pentalic Aqua Journal so I’ll finish it up before I start my new Hahnemühle sketch book. I really like many of the features of the Pentalic especially the travel brush and holder. The one I have is 5″ x 8″ and also has a ribbon marker and back page pocket that seems like it would be handy but I haven’t used it. I’ve been playing in this book since 2014 so over time the elastic closure has become stretched out. The paper itself is lovely. It takes watercolours, pens and markers all equally well. I bought it for a trip to South America (my first picture in it is of the plane we were travelling on) and I found it was a great icebreaker with the children when we stayed with a Peruvian family. 

Inside the Pentalic Aqua Journal

In the past, I have also used a Moleskine watercolour journal. This journal also has a back pocket and elastic closure. It’s a smaller size (3½” × 5½”) I kept at work to incorporate a little creative time during my lunch hour. The paper is a bit thinner than the Pentalic so occasionally there was a bit of rippling but it is also a good journal.

Inside the Moleskine Watercolour Notebook

Both the Pentalic and Moleskine books I’ve used were designed for watercolours so it may not be fair to compare with the Hahnemühle sketch book whose pages, although smooth, seem sturdy enough to take some watercolour. Once I’ve worked with it a bit, I’ll devote a whole blog post to this sketch book.

Pentalic, Hahnemuhle, and Moleskine books together

I am excited to try Hahnemühle watercolour postcards and plan on taking them on vacation with me. I like sending postcards but often it is hard to find nice ones so I have resorted to making my own out of watercolour paper. Having them ready made with space for the address already marked on will be much nicer. Again, I’ll discuss this product more once I’ve tried it out and actually mailed one. So along with the postcards, I’ll be taking my travel set of watercolours, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, Sharpie, scissors, glue stick to decorate them with. I’m looking forward to having some fun with them since if they were people they would be happy wanderers who never complain about a rainy day or delayed ferry. They just know how to get together and create their own amusement.

If you would like to win some Hahnemuhle products to try for yourself, enter this World Watercolor Month contest before July 22, 2019:

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