Inktober is an online challenge started in October 2009 by an illustrator called Jake Parker. In his words, he created it to “to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.” I had heard of it before but this is the first year I have participated. I was inspired by a great blog I follow called The Postman’s Knock who sent out weekly challenges (a sugar skull, a hissing cat, a bat, and Frida Kahlo). I did all of them but my favourite was Frida Kahlo. I knew that one would take a bit longer to do than the others so I started working on it last week in order to be ready for this week’s challenge. This is the good side of the internet, feeling part of an online community of folks just trying to improve their drawing skills and somehow committing to participating for just one month seems doable.

For all of my Inktober challenges I used a Tachikawa G nib in my Koh-I-Noor No. 127 N Cork Tip Penholder with Speedball Calligraphy Ink on Strathmore tracing paper. It was good practice for me as I have lots to learn about controlling the line and avoiding smudges with dip pens. I could see improvement over the month just by doing regular practice so I’ll have to try to keep it up. I would encourage anyone who would like to develop their drawing skills to participate in something like this.


If Inktober was a person it would be a friend you hardly ever see but when you get together you connect right away.


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