Walden Woodworkers Note Board


Quite a few months ago I won a beautiful note board from the Well-Appointed Desk. Just what is a note board, you ask? It is a fancy version of a clip board but instead of being made of some cheap material like vinyl covered cardboard or even chip board, it is made of solid walnut with brass fittings. The name plate is also brass and is inscribed with Walden Woodworkers Co. Istanbul. The company slogan is Wood is Good and they hand make all their products at their workshop in Istanbul. The note board was made in partnership with another Turkish business, Galen Leather.

As well as the aesthetic appeal of the smooth, dark wood, it has a lovely faint smell from the natural tung oil finish. Just above the name plate is a groove for holding a pen or pencil. The note board is something most people probably don’t need but it is so nice to have well made tools and much more preferable to trying to balance your notebook on a book or other hard surface when you are not at a desk. The only slight inconvenience is a screwdriver is required to loosen the screws to change the notepad.


Part of the prize was a Rhodia A5 dot grid notepad (210 mm x 148 mm) that fits this note board perfectly. I have written about my love of Rhodia paper before. The dot grid is designed to provide unobtrusive guidelines. In fact, they are so unobtrusive that it is hard to get a good photograph of them. The front cover of the notepad has lightly scored lines making it possible to fold it back neatly and the back cover is made of sturdy cardboard. The microperforations at the top make it quite easy to remove individual sheets as long as it is done carefully.


With the paper made in France and the note board in Turkey, this turned out to be quite the international prize. So if the note board and paper were people, they would be an affectionately married couple whose love of quality and fine stationery supplies have brought them together despite distance and cultural differences. They always hold hands when walking in the park.

3 thoughts on “Walden Woodworkers Note Board

  1. Neil Lazaruk says:

    A wonder to look at, a pleasure to hold… So nice that beautiful things made with heart still exist. I suppose one could use a nickel or quarter to unscrew the brass fittings, if people still carry those archaic symbols of currency.


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