Midori Soft Pen Case

20180508_caseAnother of the items I was recently given by colleagues was a light blue Midori soft pen case. Midori is a great Japanese stationery company whose products combine fun with practicality. I have discussed Midori penguin paper clips and the Midori Mini Cleaner before. This two-part pen case is made of nice soft silicone rubber that is slightly translucent with this message written on it in white “Soft case – The case with a soft feeling. Please use in any way you like.” Like many of the messages on Asian stationery, it has a slightly odd but endearing sound to it.


The pen case is fairly small – 176 cm (6.5″) long, 43 cm (1.4″) wide, and 22 mm (.75″) deep. This small size, and its light weight, makes it good for taking on-the-go, but not to store much in it. I found I could put in about five or six pens but there are many things that do not fit in it at all, such as full-sized pencils. No doubt this is why it is called a pen case, not a pencil case. I found that the top stays on nicely even though there is no fastener. I expect that it should last for a long time as silicone rubber has a great reputation for being stable, even in extreme temperatures.



If this pen case were a person, they would be short and softly rounded but don’t call them flabby. This person loves to travel in minimalist fashion so no checked-in luggage for this passenger!


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