Knotted Versals Birthday Card


I’ve noticed that a lot more people read my card-making posts than ones on more obscure topics like the stationery items historically used by Canadian fur traders so here’s another one.

My inspiration for this card was the Learn to Letter session at the April 2018 Edmonton Calligraphic Society meeting ( This month’s style was Knotted Versals. Versals are the decorated letters found in illuminated manuscripts, often at the beginning of a verse (hence the name) or paragraph. While the Celts weren’t the only ones to use knotted designs in their manuscripts (most famously the Book of Kells),  knotted versals are often associated with them. I used the alphabet provided by Pauline Baynes at the meeting as my guide for the outline of the letters.

20180414_155757That was as far as I got at the meeting but later on at home I used watercolour paints with a very fine paint brush to colour them in. I think markers or pencil crayons would have been easier, especially where the lines are quite close together.  


Once the letters were painted, I mounted on coloured paper and attached to folded cardstock to make the card. So here’s to a very happy birthday for Alison!



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