Quo Vadis Hebdo Planner


Back in October, I won a Quo Vadis Rose Grenadine planner from the people at Exaclair. They have a quite a good corporate blog (quovadisblog.com/) that often features giveaways. This particular giveaway was in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month. This was especially meaningful to me as I have a good friend who has been battling this terrible disease this year.

The planner I got was the Quo Vadis Hebdo 12 – Month Weekly Planner (Jan 2018 – Dec 2018). Hebdo means weekly in French, which confused me at first as “week” is “la semaine” but an English speaker can hardly criticize another language for being inconsistent. It made me realize Charlie Hebdo, the Paris satirical newspaper attacked by terrorists in January 2015, was called Hebdo because it came out weekly.

Back to this particular planner. It is 16 cm (6 ¼“) wide by 24 cm (9 ⅜”) high with a lovely pink cover they call rose. The cover is removable so only the calendar needs to be replaced each year and there are a lot of calendars in this planner.

It starts with a two-page spread that shows all of 2018 at a glance. There is another calendar with the same style of layout for 2019 in the back.


Next it has single pages with the months at a glance before getting to the main part of the planner which shows a week over two pages. This format is very similar to a style I used to have at work before we were encouraged to just use Outlook. While I have gotten used to it over the past ten years, there are definitely drawbacks to this. First of all, as I don’t have access to my work email outside of work, I have to write myself lots of little notes to keep track of things that overlap between my personal and work life. I have a wall calendar in the kitchen but that doesn’t leave much space for writing details. I am looking forward to giving this type of planner a try.



Like all Quo Vadis products, the paper is excellent quality made from sustainably managed forests. It is very smooth with nice green numbers and font with subtle grey lines. While the smoothness of the paper makes it lovely to write on, it does mean there is some smudging with fountain pen use. Each week is marked both at top right and with a little arrow that travels down the page so you can slightly see it in green along the edge when it is closed. The bottom corners tear off as you go so it will be easy to find the current week. All the days are numbered so you know just where you are in the year. It almost seems like an excessive measuring of time.

Nice extras are the phases of the moon, world maps, and international holidays. You never know when that might come in handy. There is also a separate booklet in the back for addresses and notes.


If this planner were a person, she would be a highly organized international traveler with a love of quality and an environmental conscience.


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