Watercolour Pencils

I recently watched the 2012 film Sightseers, a dark British comedy/horror about a couple going on a camping trip around England. One of their planned stops is the Pencil Museum in Keswick (now on my must-see list). This museum is run by the Derwent Cumberland Pencil Company. Although this company is now owned by a large multinational called ACCO Brands, it has a long history and they still make pencils in Britain (the only pencil company still manufacturing there). The only Derwent pencils I have in my pencil collection are watercolour pencils.

Watercolour pencils are pencil crayons with a water-soluble core, so while they work great dry, the colour really intensifies when wet. You can wet them by either dipping them in water or colouring first and then use a paint brush to dissolve the pigment. You can also wet the paper first and then colour on top but I don’t really like the results from that method. My set of 12 pencils has a good basic range of colours and came in a nice metal box that makes them easy to travel with.

Dset1 Dtest1

I also have four Daler Rowney watercolour pencils that came in a set with other art supplies that are meant for outdoor (plein air) painting so are in nature inspired hues. Daler Rowney is another company with British roots but these pencils were manufactured in Austria.

DRset DRtest

I feel both brands of watercolour pencils are good quality but I enjoy the larger range of colours in my Derwent set.

If watercolour pencils were people, they would be thin and love to travel. They seem uptight but give them something to drink and they really go wild.


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