Travel Journals


Right now I am away on holiday in Oaxaca, Mexico so I prepared a couple of blogs ahead of time so I could keep up with my weekly schedule. My mind has been on packing lists and one thing I was sure to bring along was a journal. I like having a separate journal for special journeys and for this trip I am trying something different. I love the idea of scrap-booking but never get around to actually doing  it after I get back from a vacation. I still haven’t completed the one I started for our first trip to the Yukon in 2005. I have been back there three times since and still haven’t finished that scrapbook.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For the last trip I took (to Iceland about six months ago) I attempted making an altered book based on my trip journal, but there again I have only managed to do a few pages.

So this time I am going to try more of a smash book approach. Last year I participated in a workshop at Whitemud Crossing library led by a woman volunteering for Edmonton ReUse Centre. We took old calendars, made covers for them and folded the pages for what she suggested would make good greeting card organizers. I don’t really have a need for a greeting card organizer but I saw some journaling potential. I am going to use the blank pages for writing my daily journal and then glue in maps, pamphlets, and other ephemera into the fold out pages. If I don’t end up collecting much of that  (unlikely as I have a packrat’s eye for that type of thing) I’ll just print some photos when I get home and fill the journal up that way. I tried putting some gesso and paint on a couple of the printed pages but I don’t like the look so will find other ways to cover up distracting elements of the design. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out.


If this journal was a person it would be a wearing a Tilley hat and funky upcycled jewelry.

Coming next week: Clairefontaine multi-subject notebook


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